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A residence is made up of several components, all of which play a role in making it a home. When one of them stops functioning properly, it doesn’t mean you no longer love your home but it does cause a lot of unnecessary frustrations. Luckily, the frustration doesn’t need to stay as we have a team of highly skilled contractors who are ready to tackle any maintenance, renovation or expansion project to ensure your home is always more than just another building.

Home Renovation Services

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Our team of designers and in-house licensed contractors will take you through a step-by step remodeling process

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If you are in emergency situation, please do not worry. We provide 24/7 service. Whenever you call, we service you.

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Home ContractorOne of the worst problems to have at home revolves around plumbing. A blocked drain can leave your home smelling like a sewer and a leaky pipe can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage when not attended to. Our expert plumbers are on call 24/7 to step en whenever your home is wet where it’s not supposed to be. Services include:
• Blocked drains
• Geyser maintenance and replacement
• Underground leak detection
• CCTV camera drain inspection
• High pressure drain cleaning
• Septic tank pump outs
• Compliance certification

While flickering lights might not constitute immediate danger it can be just as irritating and is not always as simple to resolve as replacing a light bulb. However, a full blown power outage could mean huge problems especially in a corporate setting as a single hour without power could result in great financial losses. Here are some of the electrical services our team can offer.
• New installations of lighting and power outlets
• Generator installations
• General maintenance
• New wiring installation and rewiring
• Repair of faulty plugs and lights
• Lightning protection and damage repairs
• Earth leakage
• Power tripping diagnostics and repair
• Residential, commercial and industrial electrical services

Fortunately for the environment many electrical appliances are being replaced by their natural gas counterparts. Not only are these more environmentally friendly but running costs are also cheaper. Here are some of our gas related services:
• Central heating system installation
• Boiler upgrades, services and replacements
• Power flushing
• Safety inspections
• General gas system installations, maintenance and repairs

Apart from the services listed above, we also have teams on hand for any tiling, roofing, plastering, flooring or concrete related jobs. Whatever your problem, we have a solution. Whatever your project, we have a team ready to bring your ideas to life.

Give us a call (718) 416-6356 and put us to the test, you won’t be left dissatisfied.

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    Jem displayed a professional and trusting manner. His performance on the job was excellent. His major is heating and electricity.

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