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Electrician Services in New-York

Electricity, being one of those things you can’t live with or without, has been both one of the best inventions of modern times and also the cause for some of the biggest headaches. When you have an electrical problem, don’t let the inconvenience make you wish away all modern technology, contact a professional electrician who can get things running smoothly again so you can get on with what matters. With our team of highly qualified electricians, no problem is without a solution.

As far as home project go we can assist with the repair and maintenance of major appliances like ovens, stoves, geysers. We can test and replace thermostats, elements and isolators while ensuring they are properly earthed. We also install all manner of electrical switches like standard on-off switches, two way switches, intermediate switches, master switches, daylight switches and time switches.

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Electrician NYLighting is also one of the primary services we offer as broken lights can be cause for great frustration and potentially even danger. Since the voltage on lights can be very high, even a small problem in wiring can not only be dangerous to the people in the building but can also damage other items connected to the power grid like appliances and computers. Finally we can assist with the installation of various lightning protection devices like surge protectors, UPS protectors and lightning masks.

Commercial maintenance is always treated with the highest priority since we understand that even a short power outage can be cause for big losses within a company. We perform maintenance on distribution boards by ensuring circuit breakers are correctly rated and free of dust as well as ensuring all connections are properly tightened. We can check all safety systems like earth leakage, and emergency lights. We can also maintain lights to ensure correct lux levels and we also replace bulbs and florescent tubes as needed.

We provide all manner of electrical installations for homes and businesses. Installation services include the following to name a few:

  • Generator installations
  • Wire replacement
  • Weather proof garden light decorations
  • Day-light switches for external lighting
  • Electrical fittings
  • Dedicated wall sockets for freezers or computers to ensure they stay on should your power trip due to earth leakage
  • Power sockets in walls and ceilings. You can never have too many
  • All varieties of lighting installations
  • Distribution boards

Whatever your electrical needs, whether it be the diagnostics and repair of a problem, regular maintenance or new installations, we will not disappoint.

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